Mendocino International Summer Music Academy

"where professional music programs meet wellness practices"

"world-renowned, award-winning faculty"

"close mentorship and individualized instruction"

Welcome to the 2023 Mendocino International Summer Music Academy (MISMA), where professional music programs meet wellness practices. The finely crafted curriculum will deepen musicians’ positive relationship with music, prepare them for the next step in their music career, and equip them with tools for concentration and wellbeing. 

One-Week Session: July 9 - 15 or July 16 - 22, 2023 

Two-Week Session: July 9 - 22, 2023 APPLY NOW!

Music Programs 

Our unique programs offer musical artists a direct opportunity to work with a dedicated team of world-renowned, award-winning musicians and faculty. The small class size and private lesson offerings grant students a truly immersive experience and allow them to enjoy close mentorship and individualized instruction. 

Other programs provided upon request:

Wellness Practices 

Located in the heart of beautiful Mendocino County, MISMA sits in a wholesome and tranquil environment. A healthy lifestyle, vegetarian meals, and daily wellness activities led by certified instructors are part of the holistic experience to support musicians' wellbeing.

Program Goals

Curriculum Overview


Perform pieces for the studio group and receive constructive feedback from the artist faculty

One-on-one Classes

Weekly private lesson with the artist faculty


Themed classes by the artist faculty

Performance Opportunities

Weekly recitals and final artist faculty and student concert 

Guest Artists

Workshops, lectures, and concerts by distinguished musical guests

Daily Wellness Practices

Vegetarian meals, healthy lifestyle, meditation, taiji, and personal wellness techniques

Weekend Activities

Recreational activities around the beautiful Mendocino County (trails, redwoods, coast)